About me.

1. It is a not-so-secret desire of mine to be on the show Survivor, even though there are so many things about that that would not work. I don’t like being outdoors. I don’t know how to camp. I don’t know how to ‘survive’. I hate fish, and most of the diet consists of fish. And, well, I’m too nice (apparently) to play. That said, I think that I could totally win the game.

2. I’m not interesting enough to be on that show.

3. I am probably not even interesting enough to have a blog.

4. That said, I like my life. In fact, I more than like my life. I’m a partnered mom to two beautiful daughters.  I don’t define myself by being a mom or any of that stuff, but that seems to sum up a large part of my life – the every day stuff. I have a day job (no, this amazing blog is not my job! pffft.) that I like, most of the time, though I don’t know that I love it and I don’t think that I care that I don’t.

5. I love to read. Love it. I try to read 52 books every year, and I track it in an Excel spreadsheet, because I also love to track things like my money or my workouts or my books. I also track grocery prices. It’s kind of fun. I work with data in my day job, and I guess it carries over into the rest of my life. Data is fun. But, this number is supposed to be about books. My favorite author is Tom Robbins, and I also wish that Harry Potter were real.

6. I’m not so good with not being tangential.

7. For reading as much as I do, I have a terrible vocabulary.

8. Being the center of attention freaks me out. I think that this comes from being the middle child in a large family (seven kids), where my role is to be in the background and listen. I’m an observer. I like the background.

9. I am scared of vampires.

10. For real.




SNIRE is ERIN S. backwards.  In case you care.

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