oh, hello.

28 Jul


In reviewing my life here, it seems that I have, once again, undergone a silence.  Life.  Work.  Kids.  I don’t really feel like there is that much to say.  We keep on, in our ordinary lives, and do our best to just keep it all together at times.  How much more mundane could I be?

However, there are things that I’d like to record, so here I am, again, on this infrequently used or viewed platform, to write them out.

1.  My sister and her family moved to Arizona at the beginning of June.  They’d been in South Dakota for, oh, five or six years, and after some situations with her husband’s job, they decided to go somewhere different.  Jordan (baby sister) is already in Phoenix for school, and Sig sure loves warm weather….so, it seemed like a good choice.  I think she’s happy.  We shall see.

2.  Rowan.  This should be #1, really, but I like to pretend, sometimes, that I don’t have an ulterior motive when I open up this blank text box.  Rowan is in Scotland right now!  She has called three times (she’s been gone for one week), and I have been stalking her dad on Facebook, trying to see if she has shown up in any photos.  I think she is having fun.  I always project my own emotions onto things, and I know that I would find it a little awkward, even if it is fun.  Her grandmother is ill.  She met her long-lost brother for the first time.  She is meeting all kinds of cousins that have relationships with each other, and she is here, in America, and is different from them.  BUT, that is how I would feel.  She may not feel that way.  I can’t wait to have her back (she arrives on Wednesday, and I will see her again on Thursday).

3.  Me.  On the ME front while Rowan is in Scotland, well, compared to four years ago when she went, I am doing so much better.  I went a little crazy last time, and had serious anxiety about everything.  This time around, I am doing OKAY.  Not great, but OKAY, and that is about all I can ask for.

4.  Katja is funny, but getting to be oh so frustrating.  What three year old will only eat her chicken with creamy balsamic dressing?  Weirdo!  Tonight, though, she was A PILL.

In our own-going quest to get in shape (it never ends, yet never gets better), we have been trying to go for more walks and go to the gym more.  Tonight, we decided to walk to the nearest lake in this City of Lakes, walk around it, and come home.  Katja would NOT STOP WHINING for the first two miles.  At about 2.75 miles, I pulled the stroller over, because I was about to lose my shit on her.  I calmly told her that she was going to be in such trouble when we got home, and then Steve took the stroller and kept walking while I calmed my temper down.

A lady stopped me and asked how old Katja was.  When I said three and a half, she just nodded and said her daughter was going through the same thing.  It made me feel better. We talked for a bit, and then I ran off to catch those fools.  At least I know that other three years olds are shits, but it doesn’t make me feel that much better when we are in the midst of these temper tantrums.

Thankfully, she pulled it together for the last 2.5 miles of the walk.

5.  A Katja-ism from a few days ago:
we were talking about her growing up, and she was like, “First I’ll be four, then five and someday I will be 16!” and she started laughing and said, “I will look SO WEIRD when I’m 16.”

I thought that was adorable.

6.  Pictures from a recent trip to Sioux Falls (and the surrounding area), SD:



My beautiful niece!!!



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