Winter break

6 Jan

First, it’s fricking cold here.  -17 right now, I think.  What the eff!?  I am at work for the first time in 16 days.  I have tomorrow off, because schools are closed again (IT’S COLD!).

I want to try to remember things better, so maybe I will write more in here again, like I did once upon a time.  For now, I just want to do a quick run-through of what I did on my staycation.

12/21:  dinner in downtown, Phantom of the Opera with Bird and Rowan
12/22:  small family Christmas, big family in town
12/23:  shopping, dinner with family, broke iPhone
12/24:  celebration at Amy and Jon’s
12/25:  celebration at Steve’s parents’
12/26:  volunteer with Rowan, Chipotle with Rowan, fixed my broken iPhone (sadz!), dinner at Steve’s parents’ house
12/27:  Science Museum – omnitheater and Maya exhibit – with Rowan, lunch at Pizzeria Lola, homemade pizza at our house
12/28:  gym, Pitch Perfect at home, relax with kids
12/29:  did I do anything this day?  I think Steve and I just hung out with Katja all day (Rowan was at her dad’s), and I think we went to the gym.
12/30:  went to The Book Thief with Rowan
12/31:  Nickelodeon Universe with Rowan, Chinese food and wine for NYE.  Watched “Twin Sisters”, a WWII movie that Steve wanted to watch.
1/1:  gym.  Relaxation.
1/2:  pass the pigs and LIFE with Rowan, lunch with Dan!, more games, holiday card addressing
1/3:  puzzles with Rowan, lunch with Bird and Rowan, hair appointments, homemade pizza
1/4:  Target run, Rowan’s basketball game, nap, gym, dinner at home, movie (Despicable Me 2) and popcorn night
1/5:  special breakfast, stay in all day (way too cold) and hang out, watch football, etc.  Lose kid toy in the drain of the tub and fear major plumbing issues (have yet to materialize).  Catch up on bad television.

It went way too quickly and was far more fun than this post makes it out to be.  I love my job, but, dang, sometimes it is appealing to not have to have one!


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