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radio silence

25 Jun

Rowan really loves the song “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. Radio silence, somehow, reminds me of that. Same syllables. Same cadence.

I’ve had radio silence for the last few months while I’ve dealt with shit. Wallace served me with papers in April. I didn’t want to think about it. I consulted with an attorney that I know and sat on it. Sat, thought, sat, thought, conversed, sat, thought, et cetera, ad infinitum.  So it has gone.

I filed my “pro se” (with the help of my attorney friend) paperwork two weeks ago, right at the deadline, and we had our court date last Tuesday. I received my court order on Saturday. We both won, in some ways, and we both lost. Wallace will pay less child support than he has been paying, and he gets another night with Rowan. 6/14 nights. I still maintain sole physical custody and the court order is pretty clear in the fact that that will take a lot to change. Endangerment. Evidentiary hearing.  So, he wins the battle; I win the war.

I am not going to appeal. According to the attorney that I consulted with and my brother, it is pretty hard to appeal a judge’s discretion. If they made an error of law and applied the wrong standard to the case, that would be something else. But, it is what it is for now.

W glommed onto the reduced child support right away and wrote me a lesser check last week, after the hearing. It pissed me off, especially given that the court order that we both received said that the court order should go into place on 7/1. I’m sorry, but to me, $170 is a lot of money. That is what his support is reduced by month and that is what he shorted me last week when he paid. Whatever, I guess. I’m trying not to be irritated by that. It just seems that so much of this was financially driven, and not driven by what is actually best for Ro. So it goes.

So, that sort of explains my quiet. I’ve also been very busy and excited and engaged at work. Who knew that business analyst roles were SO MUCH FUN? Katja remains cute and adorable and a stinker little toddler. Steve is good, as well.

I’ll try to be a better writer. I just needed to process life for a while.