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1 Apr
I may or may not finish the book that I am currently reading (Big Machine by Victor LaValle), so I will post this now.  Here is my list of books read in 2012.  FUNNY STORY:  I had my numbers in my left column screwed up on my spreadsheet for some reason and did not ever notice it until today.  I was two numbers off, so thought I was going to end the year at 52 (which is the goal), but instead ended it at 54.  Considering that I DID skim the ending of two books, but read enough of them to “count” (as opposed to the three or four books that I started, but only made it 50-100 pages in before I JUST HAD ENOUGH — Saturday by Ian McEwan, some terrible book that I cannot remember the name of right now, and, I HATE TO SAY THIS, The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling – I just didn’t care about any of those books and wanted to read books that I DID care about), it is probably more like 53.  But, we’ll go with 54.  Not too shabby.
Title Author Date Completed No. of Pages Notes
1 We Need to Talk About Kevin Shriver, Lionel 01.01.12 416 Saw part of the end coming, but still enjoyed this book immensely.  Haunting.  Sticks with you long after finishing the book.
2 Headhunters Nesbo, Jo 01.07.12 239 Not as good as the Harry Hole books
3 Running in Heels Maxted, Anna 01.15.12 432 okay chick lit; weird anorexia twist
4 The Book Thief* Zusak, Markus 01.16.12 554 Read with Rowan.  Love this book!!
5 The Postmortal Magary, Drew 01.17.12 320 really enjoyed this book, though the last section was probably the weakest.  Very interesting to think about, though and a very quick read!
6 The Book of Lost Things Connolly, John 01.20.12 339 A really nice fantasy book for young adults and old ones alike!
7 Super Sad True Love Story Shteyngart, Gary 02.02.12 334 I wanted to like this more than I did.  Kind of weird that it deals with some of the same themes as The Postmortal did.
8 Cryptonomicon Stephenson, Neal 03.21.12 910 Could not read the last 100 pages.  I just could not.  Read enough, though, that I consider it a READ.  JFC, long ass not so good book.
9 Vanity, Vengeance, and a Weekend in Vegas Davis, Kyra 03.10.12 275 Pretty good – solid Sophie Katz mystery.
10 Getting Rid of Bradley Crusie, Jennifer 03.24.12 329 Mindless entertainment.  Very amusing
11 Wildwood Meloy, Colin 03.24.12 560 Read with Rowan
12 Fly Away Home Weiner, Jennifer 04.05.12 401 Okay.
13 Bridge to Terabithia Paterson, Katherine 04.05.12 143 Cried and cried!  Read with Rowan and we loved it.
14 The Cinderella Deal Crusie, Jennifer 04.08.12 288 Again, mindless chick lit, but entertaining!
15 The Grace of Silence: A Family Memoir Norris, Michele 04.14.12 240 Decent memoir about growing up black in the United States.
16 A Visit from the Goon Squad Egan, Jennifer 04.18.12 341 I really enjoyed this.  It felt like The Imperfectionists, with its intertwining stories.  Time is a goon.
17 Girl Walks into a Bar Dratch, Rachel 04.23.12 272 This was okay.  I did like Rachel Dratch way more after reading it.
18 The Memory of Running McLarty, Ron 04.28.12 384 Why did I love this so much?  I DON”T KNOW!  I loved the back and forth between past and present as Smithy Ide bicycled his way across the country.
19 Sacre Bleu Moore, Christopher 05.10.12 400 this was okay.  I have not been that impressed with Christopher Moore lately, but this was better than his last two.
20 Let’s Pretend this Never Happened Lawson, Jenny 05.19.12 318 funny memoir by “the bloggess”
21 John Dies at the End Wong, David 05.26.12 376 UGH
22 Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes Auxier, Jonathan 05.26.12 381 very good book read with Rowan
23 The Sense of an Ending Barnes, Julian 06.01.12 163 short, but good.
24 Then Come You Weiner, Jennifer 06.10.12 338 just….not good.  The story of various women whose lives intersect for an in vitro pregnancy.  Did not like.
25 Haywire Hayword, Brooke 06.21.12 352 a really interesting memoir about an old Hollywood family
26 My Custom Van Black, Michael Ian 06.27.12 240 somewhat ridiculous, but mostly funny
27 Rurally Screwed Knadler, Jessie 06.30.12 336 the true life love story of a blogger that I like.  Very good.
28 Ready Player One Cline, Ernest 07.04.12 372 Fun!  One of the best books I’ve read this year.
29 The Leftovers Perrotta, Tom 07.15.12 355 really really good
30 The Map of Time Palma, Felix 08.06.12 613 eh.  I liked it alright while reading it, but in retrospect, it was kind of dumb.
31 A Hero for WondLa DiTerlizzi, Tony 08.07.12 437 A good follow-up to The Search for WondLa.  Rowan and I cried!
32 The Glass Castle Walls, Jeannette 08.11.12 288 Excellent memoir.  Makes you think about all that you have.
33 The Cat’s Table Ondaatje, Michael 08.15.12 269 Alright.  Book about a young boy’s voyage from Sri Lanka to England on a ship.  Told in snippets of observation, which I did like, because that is how the memory works.  Not mind-blowing or anything.
34 Noah Barleywater Runs Away Boyne, John 08.25.12 220 Read with Rowan.  We really liked it!!
35 The Art of Fielding Harbach, Chad 08.28.12 528 Baseball/relationship book.  I liked it, but didn’t love it as much as I had hoped.
36 Off Balance: A memoir Moceanu, Dominique 09.01.12 256 Okay memoir, kind of interesting to read about the politics of Gymnastics!
37 Life As I blow It Colonna, Sarah 09.06.12 239 okay memoir.  I don’t find the drinking/drug/sex lifestyle all that funny or interesting, I guess.
38 Can I get an Amen? Healy, Sarah 09.09.12 352 Pretty good chick lit.  There were some things that were a little irritating (like making the boyfriend seem like he could be sketchy, but really he’s a pastor?), but over all, it was good.
39 The Thief of Time Boyne, John 09.21.12 384 Not as good as I wanted it to be after Noah Barleywater.
40 The Age of Miracles Walker, Karen Thompson 09.23.12 269 Nothing really happened.  It was a “coming of age” story set in a semi-apocalyptic time, yet none of it was as interesting or miraculous as I thought it would be (based on the title, at least).
41 The Next best Thing Weiner, Jennifer 09.30.12 400 I liked it, which was good, since I have not liked Weiner’s other recent books.  Parts of it were a little irritating, but overall, I enjoyed the story.
42 Ordinary Magic Rubino-Bradway, Caitlen 10.5.12 288 Read with Rowan.  OKAY.  We got a little bored with it.
43 Where Things Come Back Whaley, John Corey 10.6.12 256 Pretty good “young adult” book about a 17 year old boy whose brother disappears.  I enjoyed it, but did feel a little bit like the writer was trying too hard.  It had a nice ending, though.
44 Jack Holmes and His Friend White, Edmund 10.15.12 400 An interesting book about a man in love with his friend
45 You’re Not Doing It Right Black, Michael Ian 10.20.12 256 MIB, very funny.
46 Gone Girl Flynn, Gillian 10.27.12 432 REALLY haunting portrayal of a marriage gone terribly wrong.  Very good.
47 The Expats Pavone, Chris 11.03.12 352 Okay book about a marriage with secrets (No Gone Girl, that’s for sure).
48 The Last Dragonslayer Fforde, Jasper 11.08.12 269 Good first book of a new universe for Fforde.  I wish he would continue the world from Shades of Grey, though!!
49 Sister Lupton, Rosamund 11.14.12 313 Pretty good.  Did not like the “twist” at the end all that much.
50 A Fault in Our Stars Green, John 11.16.12 316 Okay.  YA book that was very “cool”.  I always used to love tragic cancer books when I was younger and probably would have loved this one about 20 years ago, as well.
51 Ghost Dances:  Proving Up on the Great Plains Garrett-Davis, Joshua 11.21.12 336 I will be honest:  I liked the first part, but skimmed some of the rest of the book.  It just got a little old.  But, I read enough to count it.
52 Fathermothergod. Greenhouse, Lucia 12.2.12 301 Such a strange and fascinating look into the world of Christian Science.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and stayed up way too late reading it.
53 The End of Your Life Book Club Schwalbe, Will 12.12.12 336 A pretty good memoir about a son and mother, and her battle with pancreatic cancer and the books that they read.
54 The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Skloot, Rebecca 12.20.12 345 VERY interesting book about science, ethics, life, etc.  Another book that I thoroughly enjoyed.
TOTAL: 18863
*denotes re-read